We are fully engaged in the practice and discharge of real estate management services including Agency, Management, Valuation and Project Development Appraisals.

 We are also involved in Building Consultancy activities involving Design, Construction, Repairs Maintenance, Specification Writing, Schedule of Dilapidation, Structural Survey and Construction Management. We also provide general consultancy services in the areas of processing of certificates of occupancy (in any state of the Federation), land acquisition and development, packaging of mortgage facilities, loan amortization, cash flow projection, project management as well as Advice on Project Financing. Please find below highlight of some of the professional services we offer:

2.1 Agency

We are engaged in third party real estate activites whereby we act as an intermediary between two interested parties in a real estate transaction. It is primarily a Principal-Client relationship where we act as the agent. Our activities in this respect involve;

2.1.1 Letting / Leases

We are approached to let/lease completed (or uncompleted) properties by the owners (lessors) to willing prospective tenants (lessees) on a regular basis. On the othe hand, a prospective tenant/lessee could also approach us to source for an appropriate property and conclude a lease transaction on its behalf. By practice, whoever appoints us remains “client” for the period of the engagement and accordingly effects payment of the professional fees upon a successful completion of the transaction.

2.1.2 Purchases

Prospective investors do approach us to act on their behalf to source and obtain properties that suit their requirements for purchase purposes.

2.1.3 Sales

It is a common practice that property owners put their properties in the market for sale through estate surveyors and valuers of which our company plays very active role.

2.2 Management

This is the art or science of making effective utilization of resources to achieve optimum desired objectives. Basic elements of management including planning, control, supervision, coordination and communication are effectively put into use to achieve the desired results for the numerous properties in our management portfolio.

2.2.1 Project Management

Our company is actively involved in project management activities. Essentially, we assist the client in conceiving the dream project from designs to appointment of contractor through construction stages to completion and hand-over. Defects liability period also forms part of the management activities. We have effectively been involved in the coordination of other consultants engaged in some building development projects. These consultants include the architects, quantity surveyors, structural engineers, mechanical and electrical (M&E) engineers amongst several others. Detailed highlights of our various levels of involvement in project management activities are as follows;

  1. Inception
  2. Project concept involving preliminary appraisal
  3. Appointments of other contractors including architects, engineers, etc
  4. Preliminary design
  5. Cost estimates
  6. Initial appraisal
  7. Review of concept
  8. Value engineering analysis
  9. Final designs
  10. Bill of Quantities (BOQ)
  11. Planning approval
  12. Feasibility reports
  13. Financing and funding arrangement

b)  Tendering

i) Pre-Tender Stage

– Approved building drawings

– Approved structural engineering drawings

– Approved (M&E) services engineering drawings

– Bill of Quantities (BOQ)

– Complete tender documents

– Invitation to tender

ii) Tendering stage

  • Invitation of contractors
  • Physical site ins[pection
  • Submission of tenders including basic materials price list
  • Opening of tenders
  • Analysis of tenders
  • Selection and appointment of contractors

c) Contract (Post Tender) Stage

– Mobilisation of site

– Site meetings

– Construction management activities (see item 3.2.2 below)

– interim valuation certificates

d) Completion and Handover

– Preparation of snag list

– Practical completion

– Defects liability period

– Practical handover

e) Property management functions (see item 2.2.3 below)

2.2.2 Construction Management

Our background in building has made it more flexible for us to effectively provide services in the area of construction management. This involves the coordination of construction activities including;

  • Site mobilisation and arrangement
  • Materials
  • Scheduling
  • Ordering
  • Supply
  • Storage
  • Usage
  • Labour gang and recruitment
  • Effective utilization of management tools including CPM, Bar/Gang chart etc.

2.2.3 Property and Facilities Management

We handle completed properties for management purposes. Property management activities include;

  1. Selection of suitable and satisfactory tenants
  2. Collection and prompt remittance of rents to you.
  3. Advice on current legislations and how they affect the properties
  4. Analysis and advice on current land use pattern in the area in which the property are located.
  5. Advice on insurance valuation and acceptable insurance companies to approach
  6. Ensure all properties owned by you are adequately insured from time to time
  7. Repairs and maintenance of the building fabric to ensure they remain in currently acceptable standards.
  8. Relationship with statutory institutions including the appropriate government agencies on tenement rate and Land Use Charge demand and payment.
  9. Ensure all PHCN bills, tenement rates, land use charges, withholding tax and all other statutory payments are made by the tenant.
  10. Assist in the preparation of the lease agreement to ensure it contains favourable terms and conditions to you as the landlord
  11. Ensure all terms and conditions contained in the lease agreement are strictly enforced and kept by the tenant. In particular, that no residential apartment is turned into commercial use and vice versa.
  12. Perform general real estate management services to ensure the properties are constantly put to their optimal use.
  13. Periodic revaluation of the properties as going concerns
  14. Coordination of regular supply and efficient running of services particularly in the multi-family tenanted apartment.

Furthermore, additional professional services would be provided for any of the properties that are in multiple occupation including blocks of flats, offices, shopping complexes etc as follows;

  1. Setting up of standard maintenance management gang/team including;
  2. Plumbers
  3. Electricians
  4. Cleaners
  5. Gardeners
  6. Swimming pool attendants (if any)
  7. Lift operators (if any)
  8. Commissionaries
  9. Security guards
  10. Other relevant workers
  11. Effective inter-apartments telecommunications installations with contacts to the security gate house
  12. Standby generating set
  13. Periodic servicing of the generating set
  14. Borehole and regular maintenance of the treatment plant, etc
  15. DSTV cable television services
  16. Service charge account for the tenants to be manage by BAC.

The running and servicing of these additional services may however, not be necessary if such properties were leased to a single corporate tenant in which case bulk of the services would be provided, serviced and coordinated by the tenant. In that circumstance therefore, we would only be required to inspect the property regularly to ensure it is maintained in currently acceptable standard.

2.3 Valuation

This is estimation of an interest in landed property, by an estate surveyor and valuer, of the price that a willing seller will be prepared to give up of his interest in the property to a willing buyer within a reasonable period of time. This is usually referred to as the “open market value”  and we have most recently been involved in a couple of valuation exercise. We carry out valuation for various purposes including;

  • Sales
  • Purchases
  • Insurance
  • Probate
  • Going Concern balance sheet
  • Compulsory acquisition
  • Compensation and other general purposes.

At every instruction or brief, we provide detailed professional valuation report spiced with real life photographs of the properties and sketched of the floor plans. We are able to achieve this laudable feat by the grace of modern computer and information technology that is adequately available in our offices. All technical information provided in our reports will be based on facts devoid of any speculations and/or anticipation. Lack of physical inspection and /or access to any aspect of the property including the title documents will be clearly stated in our reports. We feel delighted to assure you  that our valuation reports will be so rich, detailed, technically sufficient and highly reliable to give maximum guarantee to support  your determination and realization of the objective for which the report is intended. We place particular attention to the purpose of the reports as well as the institutions to which the reports are to be presented including banks for loans, insurance companies for insurance purposes, probate registry, etc.

Furthermore, our detailed valuation reports to be submitted to you within 72 hours (3 working days) of receiving your instruction, will be comprised of detailed analysis of presentation under various headings in the order of;

  • Date of inspection
  •  Purpose of valuation
  • Location
  • Site
  • Description
  • Construction details
  • Accommodation (schedule)
  • Title/interest
  • Services
  • Condition
  • Sources of information
  • Assumption
  • Basis of valuation
  • Opinion of value
  • Caveat

As at the date of this profile, we have prepared and submitted valuation reports to over 100 clients on about 127 different properties without any reservation of any kind since we began practice. The list of our valuation experience is contained in the attached Appendix A. this is in addition to hundreds of valuation assignments we successfully prepared, coordinated and supervised while in our previous employments. Suffice it to add that our valuation experience spanned across all types of properties including residential, commercial/office buildings, shopping complexes, educational institutions, petrol filling stations etc.

2.4 Project Development (Investment) Appraisals

We have been engaged in the preparation of feasibility and viability reports for project development investment appraisals on a number of projects. In our professional approach to writing investment analysis reports, we place emphasis on the relevant salient features including;

  • Cash flow projections and analysis
  • Loan amortization schedule
  • Plant and machinery depreciation schedule
  • Project financing options
  • Tax schedules effects of tax on projects development
  • Other indices such as profitability index and ratios relevant to the determination of the viability of the project.

2.5 General Consultancy

Other professional activities in which we are actively engaged include;

  • Construction activities of new building project development
  • Repairs, maintenance and improvement works on existing properties
  • Structural survey
  • Schedule of dilapidation
  • Specification writing
  • Processing of Certificate of Occupancy (C of O)
  • Land acquisition and development
  • Advice on project financing


All the services described above are also provided abroad for Nigerians in diaspora who are interested in real estate investment. We also provide relevant services to assist Nigerians and foreigners alike to make profitable real estate investments outside Nigeria. We have the expertise, contacts and necessary resources to catalyse viable real estate investments in any of the developed Western countries particularly in the United Kingdom (UK) and the United State of America (USA).

We carry out all activities described above for Nigerians abroad willing to buy completed properties and/or acquire land for development purposes anywhere in Nigeria. We provide relevant assistance for mortgage services with our affiliation to solid and reliable banking and other non-banking financial institutions. Clients wishing to acquire properties in the UK and USA are also assisted with mortgages and other necessary professional services. Where necessary, we acct as brokers to achieve real estate dreams across the borders.

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